17.03.13 - Olivia Oakley

We were generally very happy with the service.

19.03.13 - Katerina Artavanis

Vanyia did a good job for her first time. She is very nice and polite and I'm sure will improve as she comes to use more often.

12.11.12 - Jude Trenier

Its been fast, friendly and easy...exactly what you want in good customer service.

26.09.12 - Melissa

The cleaner (Sisi) was very helpful and performed an excellent job! She was also very sweet and friendly! Thank you for sending her over.

12.09.12 - Susan Brooksbank

I was extremely pleased with the service and would like to use Danka again please on a regular basis if possible.

06.09.12 - Shreya

You guys are great!

31.08.12 - Jessica Folster

The cleaner was lovely and fantastic. It was the end of the tenancy and the landlord even said he never thinks the flat has been as clean in the 10 years he has owned it. Thank you!

15.08.12 - Cris Pin

I was very happy with the service and the quality of the cleaning, many thx....

09.05.12 - Craig

Many thanks for the cleaning! Kind Regards

24.03.12 - Hannah Tillyer

I am very impressed with the service provided and would like to arrange regular domestic cleaning. Please could someone get in touch to arrange this. Regards, Hannah

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